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Bas Shares Message About Crisis, Reveals He Almost Canceled Tour Leave a comment


Bas‘s personal struggles have nearly caused him to cancel his tour — but, as he recently revealed, he was able to pull through.

That’s what he confessed to his fans in an Instagram post on Saturday (March 23). While the Dreamville artist didn’t go into detail as to what his “personal struggles” entailed, the New York-by-way-of-France rapper admitted that he’d have canceled the tour if it hadn’t been for the crowd response at his Friday night (March 22) show at Denver’s Summit Music Hall.

“My world came crashing down on me this week, for personal reasons I don’t quite feel comfortable sharing,” he began. “I’ve had this weight on my chest that felt immovable, immeasurable, down right suffocating. I was considering cancelling the remaining dates on this tour.”

He continued: “My darkest thoughts convinced me that I would never feel joy again. Yet, for 75 mins in Denver tonight, I felt just that. Pure elation. You may never know the extent of what you did for me tonight in Denver, CO but I am forever indebted to you. You lifted me. You gave me wings. I needed you more than words can express. I love you and I thank you. Onwards.”

Check out the post below.

At the beginning of the year, Bas made headlines when he began complaining about tax dollars being used for weapons in a social media post on January 11.

Coming on a day that the White House announced overseas military strikes and just two days after the Biden administration did an end run around Congress to send more than $100 million worth of tank ammunition to Israel for its war in Gaza, Bas’ statement expressed frustration at U.S. foreign policy, which he said was “actively creating a generation of [so-called] ‘terrorists’” by “slaughter[ing] innocents worldwide in the name of western imperialism.”

Bas Opens Up On 'We Only Talk About Real Sh-t When We're F-cked Up' — But Not Completely

Bas Opens Up On ‘We Only Talk About Real Sh-t When We’re F-cked Up’ — But Not Completely

“I used to feel some level of accomplishment when I paid my taxes. Adulting 101. A contributing member of society. In reality I’m just funding death, destruction, and imperialism,” he wrote.

Bas admitted that the fault didn’t only lay on politicians.

“We are complicit for failing to apply any type of pressure on our elected officials,” he continued. “Yet here I am, addicted to the dollar.”

“Let me collect my coins and smoke the harsh realities away,” he concluded. “this shit is fuckin wack man.”


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