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Boosie Badazz Raises Eyebrows With ‘Hideous’ Bedroom Decor Leave a comment


Boosie Badazz has turned heads for all the wrong reasons with his bedroom decor.

On Wednesday (February 21), the Louisiana rhymer shared a video showing off one of his three bedrooms, which features four king-sized beds, multiple flat-screen TVs, and walls adorned in green paint.

“My master bedroom got three bedrooms,” he began, slowly panning the room as he sat on his oversized bed (actually, he revealed, four large beds put together), snacking.

“Four kings, California. Four TVs,” he said, directing viewers’ attention to a corner of the bedroom. Pointing to another section of the room he said, “Screen come down right there, TV right there.”

The walkthrough received a lukewarm reception, with some suggesting Bad Azz spend some cash on an interior decorator.

“Omg!! That color is trash. Looks like a scene from a 70’s movie! [laughing emoji],” wrote one user.

“Looks like throw up on the walls [laughing emoji] this does not pass no vibes check,” a second comment reads.

However, it wasn’t Boosie’s decor but his manners that caught the attention of a third user.

“Why is he smacking like you a grown ass man bro,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth user chimed in, in the rapper’s defense, writing, “Ppl talking about the man room but he owns his sh*t tho hell um tryna get to that point in my life tired of renting.”

This is not the first time Lil Boosie’s home decorating has come into question. During the holiday season, he flexed his DIY skills in order to dodge a hefty Christmas-related fee.

Boosie Badazz Hits Back At Rick Ross' Ex After She Calls Him Out For Dissing Kodak Black

Boosie Badazz Hits Back At Rick Ross’ Ex After She Calls Him Out For Dissing Kodak Black

“Bitch trying to charge me $5k to whiten my tree,” said Boosie as he stormed into his living room with a fire extinguisher in hand, layering not one but two Christmas trees in extinguisher fluid.

The choice led fans to poke fun at Boosie’s problem-solving skills (or lack thereof).

“Orrrrrrrrr you could have got some spray snow from Walmart for $1.96 instead Mr.Hatch [confused emoji],” commented one user.

“I got 5 thousand to whoever know how to get this fire extinguisher stuff out my couches mane,” a second user wrote.


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