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JPEGMAFIA Takes Aim At Freddie Gibbs Once Again In Online Rant Leave a comment


JPEGMAFIA has gone in on Freddie Gibbs after shading him last month, though the cause behind their animosity remains unclear.

Both artists worked on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures 1 album and were in Italy for its listening party. On Friday (February 23), Peggy went on a social media tirade to drag the Indiana native while they were both posted up in the same hotel.

“Never got shot at and did nothing, never got beat up, never spread my ass online, baby got no dick dent. I guess im the gansta now,” he began in a series of since-deleted tweets.

“And we at the same hotel this n-gga so pussy lmao. Bald head pussy bitch ima fuck ya mamma n-gga. Cry harder.”

He continued: “N-gga dressed like cult member. Not a gang member. Wheres the gangsta shit? Why your daddy a cop. Why your baby got a Dick dent? Whos really corny? Gang member?

“You know when n-ggas got a cop for a dad it negates the gangsta shit they say? Right? Ima call your dead dad and make him arrest your pussy ass.”

A little later, when Gibbs shared an image of a meal he was eating at the lodging, JPEG quoted it with, “But where in the hotel are you spreadrick?” referring to a nickname online users gave the MC after his ex-girlfriend made claims about his anal-sex fantasies.

Soon after, Gibbs himself seemed to respond with a succinct: “I need my haters to work harder.”

After that, the Baltimore rapper and producer made it clear who he was taking about and wrote: “Freddie gibbs is pussy.”

He followed that up with a video in which he once again emphasized a lot of the above points, saying: “Protect your bitch, protect everything, man, because you — there’s nothing gangster about you, son, except your name.”

Last month, prior to linking up with Ye, Peggy went off on the Chicago native while dragging Gibbs in the process. In a since-deleted rant posted on Twitter in mid-January, the 34-year-old vented about the mogul “skipping over” him in favor of working with other artists he felt were less deserving.

“Kanye West i respect u but the way u acknowledge n-ggas who have less to offer u than me makes me feel a way,” he began. “Im a scientist in the lab a surgeon bruh u and u skip over me for n-ggas thats getting they baby mommas fucked on camera. I wanna make money fuck these n-ggas.”

In a follow-up post, Peggy threw shade at the Yeezy’s boss’ unreleased song with Ty Dolla $ign “Everybody,” which uses the Backstreet Boys’ 1997 hit of the same name.

“U got 27 n-ggas tweaking hi hats just to make some mid. Talk to a real scientist brother stop wasting time. This n-gga got 80 n-ggas in a room and make a backstreet boys song,” he wrote. “And if u got a problem with me saying that about your baby momma do something about it im in la and i dont run from no one.”

Freddie Gibbs Responds After Ex-Girlfriend Leaks Naked Photo Of Him

Freddie Gibbs Responds After Ex-Girlfriend Leaks Naked Photo Of Him

His “baby momma” comments appeared to be directed at Gibbs, who was already confirmed as a featured artist on the album and who welcomed a child with adult film star Destini Fox last year.

“N-ggas just standing around on stage like ‘your baby momma got fucked?’ Oooo mine to!!!!! Lets make a song. MEN UNITE. Wtf n-gga,” he continued.

“Ill just stop yall aint built like me. I dont actually want anything from none of these n-ggas i just like to promo this way because most of yall are to dumb and white to see it. Your fav rappers kid got a dick dent in his head though and nothing can change that.”


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