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Buick is in the middle of “an evolution” as it introduces a new design based on the Wildcat EV concept. The company revealed a new tagline and brand campaign, “Exceptional by design,” showcased by a sleek gold Wildcat EV model.

Buick unveils Wildcat EV-inspired design language

Although Buick has yet to launch its first EV in the US, the automaker is prepping for its next era. The revamp started with an updated tri-shield in June 2022, unveiling the stunning Wildcat EV concept.

Buick’s new design, introduced Tuesday, is inspired by the Wildcat EV. The company said its unique “Exceptional by design” language will eventually flow through the entire brand.

Claiming to be the “fastest-growing mainstream brand in the industry in 2023,” over 70% of Buick’s sales came from new customers.

Molly Peck, chief marketing officer at Buick and GMC Global, said, “After bringing the Wildcat EV’s design language into production on the 2024 Encore GX and all-new Envista, we’ve found that beautiful design and quiet luxury sets Buick apart from the competition.”

Buick Wildcat EV concept (Source: Buick)

Buick’s new “Exceptional by design” celebrates the brand’s history while looking toward the future. The 2024 Buick Envision and 2025 Enclave will be the first to adopt the new design language.

The company showcased the new tagline and design in a video that “celebrates the brand’s rich history while sharing a glimpse into the future.” You can see the sleek gold Wildcat EV appear at the end.

Buick Exceptional by design inspired by the Wildcat EV (Source: Buick/ Youtube)

Where are the EVs?

Although Buick has yet to launch its first EV in the US, the brand has been selling electric cars in China since 2022.

Under GM’s joint venture SAIC-GM, Buick revealed its first Ultium-based EV, the Electra E5, in November 2022. The Electra E4 began rolling out two months later. Meanwhile, Buick launched the new Velite 6 last summer, starting at $15,500 (112,800 yuan).

Buick Electra E5 (Source: Buick)

Buick recently slashed prices with lower-priced Electra E4 and E5 models in China, starting at $22,200 (159,900 yuan).

The brand says it set a new “price-performance” benchmark in the mid-to-large electric SUV market, entering the 150,000 yuan price range. Buick’s Electra E5 now starts at $23,600 (169,900 yuan).

Buick E4 electric SUV (source: Buick China)

Buick has filed trademarks for Electra, or “E” models one through nine, suggesting the brand plans to launch EVs in different segments. When exactly is still unclear. Buick says it’s going all-electric by 2030.

However, almost half of Buick dealers in the US choose a buyout from GM rather than committing to EVs. That leaves GM with around 1,000 US dealerships. Buick said roughly 89% of the US population still lives within 25 miles of a dealership.

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