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Tesla updates its mobile app with AI assistant, highlights non-car products Leave a comment


Tesla has pushed a new software update to its mobile app with a new AI chat assistant and a new menu to highlight the company’s non-car products.

The Tesla app has long been an important part of the automaker’s ecosystem. It’s the hub for all of Tesla’s connected features, which the automaker was somewhat of a pioneer of in the auto industry.

Now, it’s becoming even more important.

More people who don’t own Tesla vehicles are now downloading the Tesla app as the automaker is using it for the non-Tesla EV owners to use the Supercharger network.

Today, Tesla updated its mobile app with a bigger focus on discovering its products, especially its non-car products:

The Tesla app has been updated a lot in recent months to cater more to non-Tesla EV owners.

You also now have an easier path to the sections used by non-Tesla EV owners, like Supercharging membership:

Along with the new menu, Tesla also added what it calls ‘Tesla Assist Beta’, an AI chatbot assistant to answer questions on Tesla products.

Here’s a screenshot of the feature:

The chatbot can answer questions about existing Tesla products that you have registered in the app or other products that you are curious about as a Tesla owner or not.

As we previously reported, Tesla is also moving its entire ordering and delivery process through its mobile app – making it even more central to the entire buying and ownership process.

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