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Cardi B Moves To Collect $4M From Tasha K Post-Kevin Hart Lawsuit Leave a comment


Cardi B has filed a new motion to get information on all of Tasha K‘s remaining assets so she can begin collecting on the $4 million judgement filed against the disgraced blogger.

According to court documents obtained by HipHopDX, Cardi B is demanding information on all of Tasha K’s assets, including a home in Georgia, and all the cash she currently has on hand.

Additional documents also viewed by HipHopDX confirm that the blogger (real name LaTasha Kebe) has nearly $30,000 of cash in hand and that she spends more than $20,000 a month on things like travel, fine dining, and other forms of entertainment.

The filing comes in the wake of a similar lawsuit filed against the Unwine with Tasha K host by comedian Kevin Hart, who sued the blogger and his former assistant for extortion after she released an interview with Hart’s former assistant who claimed that the comedy star cheated on his wife.

Hart alleged that Tasha K demanded money to stop the interview from being released.

Check out the subpoena filed by Cardi B below.

The new subpoenas initiated by Cardi’s team are a follow-up to the ones sent over the summer, when the Bronx rapper sent subpoenas to all five of Tasha’s current banking institutions, demanding the companies turn over information about her finances.

She also requested “all documents and communications received by or sent to third parties other than the Debtor, including but not limited to the Internal Revenue Service, regarding the Debtor’s finances employment, income, expenses, businesses or business interests.”

Last month, the 31-year-old rapper went live on Instagram and aired out her frustrations at the talk show host for interviewing the Fresh Prince’s former friend and assistant, Brother Bilaal, who alleged that he once caught the actor having sex with Duane Martin.

“I don’t like how I was fooled a couple of weeks ago,” she began without naming the YouTuber. “I don’t like what people be doing to Will Smith. I be feeling like Will Smith is very unproblematic and I feel like he got like a nice heart”

Cardi B's $4M Defamation Victory Forces Blogger Tasha K Into Bankruptcy

Cardi B’s $4M Defamation Victory Forces Blogger Tasha K Into Bankruptcy

She added: “And that’s the thing, I found out that Will Smith is a Libra. I always said this — like Libras, we be getting tried, we be getting tried, and then when we outburst, we outburst so fucking heavy that we become the ones in the wrong.

“Anybody could say a fucking fake-ass story about you and people [are] going to fucking fake-ass believe it, so it should be your job to detect whether something is a lie or not, like to have any type of proof […] And it’s so fucked up that somebody could put something so fucking salacious out and not think about like, ‘Oh, well, how is this going to affect this person’s mental health?’”

The Grammy-winning rapper sued the blogger back in 2019 following what she believed was a malicious smear campaign involving several false statements about her, including accusing her of having herpes, using a beer bottle as a sex toy when she was an exotic dancer, working as a prostitute and abusing cocaine.

Bardi was awarded more than $2.5 million in damages and another $1.3 million in legal fees incurred by the rapper when a jury sided with her last January. Per her Chapter 11 filing, though, Tasha lists having only $95 in her Chase Bank account.

A total of her personal property including purses, cars, clothes, engagement ring, and business-related properties all equaled $58,595.56. She currently is not being evicted from her home.


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