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Is Rivian planning a Tesla Powerwall home energy system? Leave a comment


Is Rivian planning its own home energy system like the Tesla Powerwall? The EV maker’s recent patent for an Energy Storage Device hints one could be coming.

Although Rivian’s vehicles may not look like Tesla’s, the company is taking a similar approach as it expands the brand.

Rivian released its flagship R1T and R1S, like Tesla with its Roadster and Model S. Next up will be its “Tesla Model 3 moment,” with the Rivian R2 due out in 2026. The R2 will be cheaper than its current models, with starting prices around $40,000 to $50,000.

Like Tesla, Rivian is building its EV charging network and plans to allow others to use its sites. Rivian has around 60 Adventure Network sites live, but hundreds more are expected.

CEO RJ Scaringe has emphasized that Rivian is focusing on reliability and uptime, something he admires about Tesla’s supercharging network.

According to a recent patent discovered by Electrek that was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it looks like Rivian may take another page from the EV leader.

Rivian R1S home charging (Source: Rivian)

Rivian Energy Storage Device is like the Tesla Powerwall

Rivian’s patent for the “Energy Storage Device” was published on December 28, 2023. It describes a unit similar to Tesla’s Powerwall.

Rivian energy storage device (Source: USPTO)

The patent shows an image of an EV hooked up to an energy storage device. The device can provide power to or from a home, vehicle, campsite, or more. It can be fixed in position or portable.

At home, the device can provide energy to and from an EV or the grid. On the go, it can be used as an accessory power for lights, cooking, and entertainment.

The device contains a battery pack that can send, receive, and store energy from the grid or vehicle. It can also include solar power to harness clean energy from the sun.

Rivian energy storage device (Source: USPTO)

Rivian’s patent describes a home “microgrid” with an EV, an energy storage device, and rooftop solar panels. Power can be supplied to or from any of the devices on the grid. This can help lower utility costs during peak hours and provide backup during blackouts.

Like with Tesla’s Powerwall, Rivian’s energy storage device could include an app to view and manage your energy use.

Tesla Powerwall 3 (Source: Tesla)

It can also detect a possible blackout, triggering it to charge. The patent describes various motion sensors and other lighting effects to indicate charge status or if someone is approaching.

The idea sounds very similar to Tesla’s Powerwall. The Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that can be used with solar panels.

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