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Global EV charging management software provider AMPECO is having a growth spurt. The company raised $16 million in new venture capital in 2023, which it’s using to further accelerate its growth.

Over the past year, AMPECO has expanded its footprint across more than 50 global markets, practically doubling in size—its white-label clients now manage some 95,000 charge points. The company has also enchanced its capabilities in areas such as solution consulting, technical architecture consulting, product and engineering.

Now AMPECO has announced six strategic hires in Europe, the UK and the US as the company increases its presence in key markets.

Glenn L’Heveder, who previously worked for Hubject and GreenFlux, was appointed as the Head of Business Development for Europe last year.

Johan van Kooten, formerly the EV Charging Lead at Accenture, has joined AMPECO as Strategic Business Development Director for Europe.

AMPECO has appointed Thomas Schneider as Business Development Manager for the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and Charlie O’Donoghue as a Technical Architecture Consultant in the UK.

The US EV charging market is still in an earlier development phase compared to Europe’s more established sector. AMPECO is now working with over 10 US network operators, and is rapidly expanding its Stateside team. The company AMPECO has appointed Rolf Nygaard, formerly of EV Connect, as Head of US Sales. Lauren Demko also joins the team as Delivery Director, responsible for enhancing AMPECO’s services for charge point operators in the US.

“As AMPECO continues its global expansion, leaders like Rolf and Glenn, supported by further highly qualified professionals with both industry experience and local knowledge, are pivotal in shaping our approach, understanding local markets, and driving innovation,” said AMPECO CEO Orlin Radev. “Being closer to our customers in key markets is imperative to our goal to become the backbone of EV charging network operators globally.”

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