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Rapsody Addresses Sexuality Rumors On New Single ‘Stand Tall’ Leave a comment


Rapsody has heard everyone talking, and she’s finally addressing them through music on her latest single, “Stand Tall,” which you can check out below.

Addressing what appears to be the rumors about her sexuality, “Stand Tall” — which dropped on Friday (March 15) — the underrated female MC bobs and weaves through the rumors while simultaneously addressing them directly.

Judgements on me/ They wondering if Imma eat the coochie fan,” she begins. “All because I choose to style in sneakers and some baggy pants/ Used to make me aggy, wanna black out like the Aggie fans/ I suffer from anxiety/ Doctors probably tired of me/ Tryna meditate to calm my heart/ It’s racing like a ambulance/ So I ain’t got no answers/ You can believe what you choose.

Check out the official video below.

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At the beginning of the video, Rapsody is speaking interview-style with actress Sanaa Lathan, whom she credited with helping her make her upcoming fourth studio album Please Don’t Cry a reality.

Speaking to AllHipHop, the Grammy nominee credited Lathan as one of the friends who played a big role in the personal journey that started with the project’s first single.

“Sanaa was one of my guides and supporters on that journey,” Rapsody shared. “She offered so much insight, support, and tools to usher me through; as well as inspiring me with her own vulnerability. I’m grateful to have a friend in her and why I wanted to have this conversation with her first. She’s one of the biggest reasons I was even able to finish the album.”

The words echo an exchange between the two stars, which takes place at the beginning of the “Stand Tall” video, released on Friday (March 15). In the clip, Rapsody is being interviewed by Sanaa Lathan and seems to be referencing the actress’ role as a Hip Hop journalist in Brown Sugar as the audio of their conversation becomes clear.

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Erykah Badu Turns Heads In Revealing Outfit While Debuting New Song With Rapsody

“On a personal level, the things that you poured into me at the time that I needed it? God aligned it for me,” Rap says. “‘Cause I was going through such a transition and a healing phase and really getting to learn who I was again. And you gave me so much. So many words and tools to help me on a journey. And for the fans, like, the album does not come without you.”

Lathan, also renowned for her roles in Love & Basketball and The Best Man also praised Rapsody’s artistry to AllHipHop, saying: “Rapsody never ceases to amaze me with her poetic genius. So thrilled to see her put out her latest masterpiece with this new level of vulnerability and authenticity; all layered over infectious beats. Can’t wait for the world to experience this one.”

Please Don’t Cry is set to be Rapsody’s first album in five years.


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