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Ice Spice & Central Cee Fans Think They’d Make A ‘Cute Couple’ Leave a comment


Ice Spice and Central Cee fans think the rap duo would make for a cute Hip Hop power couple after they hit the studio together.

The Bronx rapper posted photos on Instagram on Sunday (April 7) of her standing next to Cench in front of a mixing desk, with her back turned to the camera to put her famed derrière on full display.

Spice simply captioned the slideshow: “alright,” while her British counterpart shared one of the pictures on his own Instagram page along with the message: “Lord forgive me as I’m a sinner.”

While it’s likely the young rap stars were simply working on music together, their studio session led to plenty of fans hoping they would hook up on more than just a record.

“They would be so cute together,” one person commented on Ice Spice’s post, while another wrote: “They been together a lil too much [thinking face emoji].”

Others made reference to Madeline Argy, the social media influencer girlfriend of Central Cee: “madeline ripping her hair out rn [crying face emoji].”

SZA also appeared excited at the idea of a collaboration between the two, saying: “Dis bout to eat.”

Ice Spice and Central Cee are no strangers to crossing paths as they were previously seen hanging out together last year during New York Fashion Week.

Cench has also made it clear how much he respects the “Munch” hitmaker as an artist.

“She reminds me of me a bit… she’s cool innit,” the London-born rapper told Complex. “Humble, down to earth, don’t really care too much about the shiny stuff; but knows how to play the game.”

He added: “You can hear that in the music, and see that in the moves that she makes, and I appreciate that because some people don’t really know what they’re doing, and they take it for granted or they don’t take the opportunity and run with it — but she’s really running with it right now.”

Central Cee Shares J. Cole Texts While Thanking Him For ‘Might Delete Later’ Collab

Central Cee Shares J. Cole Texts While Thanking Him For ‘Might Delete Later’ Collab

Central Cee even admitted that Spice is the only person in his peer group that he’s interested in collaborating with: “I wish there were more artists coming up that we could collaborate with but it seems like it’s just me and her right now.”

Spice returned the compliments and teased releasing music together: “We’ve become good friends over the past year ever since he hopped on ‘Munch [Remix]’” she said of the yet-to-be released song. “But we’re gonna drop something new and exciting when we’re ready.”

Despite the rumors of a romance between the pair, Ice Spice previously said that she was in a relationship but prefers to keep her partner out of the public eye.

It also hasn’t stopped others from thirsting after the curly-haired rapper, with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and NLE Choppa making it known they have the hots for her.


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