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Tesla can now deploy pre-fabricated Superchargers in a game-changing 4 days Leave a comment


Tesla has revealed that it can now deploy pre-fabricated Superchargers in a game-changing 4 days.

Anyone who knows anything about deploying EV fast-charging stations knows just how impressive that is.

Deploying EV fast-charging stations is much more complex than most people think.

Once Tesla knows it wants or needs to open a new Supercharger in a specific area, it must find a property to build it on and get the property owners to agree to a contract.

It needs to build the Superchargers.

Then, the automaker needs to design the project and get it approved by the municipality and the local electric utility. Electrical upgrades from the ulitiy are often needed to support the high power demand of bigger charging stations. Then, Tesla needs to schedule contractors to do the installation and work with the local utility to get it activated.

A project can see a significant delay if Tesla runs into an issue with just one of those steps.

In order to accelerate its Supercharger installations, Tesla started building pre-fabricated Superchargers a few years ago. In 2022, the automaker showed that it could build a 12-stall Supercharger station in just 8 days with those.

Now, it looks like Tesla was able to optimize its pre-fabricated Supercharger units with Supercharger V4 to now deploy a new station in just 4 days:

Tesla makes concrete slabs with holes and conduits for the cables and install the Supercharger stalls and cabinets on them at the factory – drastically slashing the installation time at the site.

The automaker is currently greatly accelerating its Supercharger deployment in order to support the growing number of people using the charger network as it opens up to non-Tesla EVs.

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