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Ice Spice, Ice-T & More Respond To Rare Northeast Earthquake Leave a comment


Ice Spice, Ice-T and more are sharing their reactions following an unprecedented earthquake that shook the tri-state area.

A 4.8-magnitude earthquake hit New Jersey on Friday (April 5), which per ABC News marks one of the strongest earthquakes on the East Coast in the last century. The last time a quake was felt in the area was 2011, as they are much more uncommon on the east coast than the west.

Taking to Twitter/X shortly after the quake hit, Ice Spice joked, “my bad for the earthquake yall u kno this ass be clappin.”

Ice-T also had jokes, writing: “ATTENTION That was Not an Earthquake in NJ… I just like to get a little Morning Sex now and then… Everyone relax and get back to normal. My fault.”

Dipset‘s Capo Jim Jones also had one of his infamous weather updates afterward, but it wasn’t very ripe with information.

“Don’t ask me sh!t bout no Sh!t I don’t know sh!t about. #weavahmanjim Gdep is back home make God have us a lil Harlem shake lol I’m out,” he captioned an Instagram video.

In other Ice Spice news, Shaquille O’Neal recently denied shooting his shot at the “Munch” rapper after the two met at the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Talking on his Big podcast about meeting Ice and Taylor Swift at football game, Shaq tried to explain his viral comments about the Bronx native.

He said: “Tell Jason, it’s Shaq, he wants to see Taylor. The guy comes out [saying] ‘You gotta wait till halftime’. So I go at halftime, we go down and take a picture and I see her – Ice Spice is fine as fuck by the way, she really hot. The reason why I put up the post with Ice Spice is not cause I was trying to flirt. I didn’t really blow her off, I just wanted to show her some respect too.

“That’s why I put the post up. Because I was in there and it was all about Shaq and Taylor and she was in the picture so I had to come back and say by the way this little woman is fine too. Shaq don’t flirt like that. My flirting is unorthodox.”

French Montana Donates $100K To Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund: ‘My People Are Hurting’

French Montana Donates $100K To Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund: ‘My People Are Hurting’

After the Super Bowl, Shaq posted a picture on Instagram with Swift and Spice and wrote in the caption: “And @icespice is so dam fine thanks @taylorswift.”

While she did not respond to Shaq’s compliment, Ice did repost a similar photo on her own Instagram page along with several more from her Super Bowl weekend.

She simply captioned the slideshow: “W.”


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