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IDK & Joey Bada$$ Pay Homage To Luxurious Living In New ‘DENiM’ Video Leave a comment


IDK and Joey Bada$$ are proudly living the high life in the music video for their new collaborative track “DENiM.”

In the visual, which was released on Friday (March 29), the duo show off fancy cars, exotic couches, and well-appointed homes.

The video is a nice accompaniment to the track, which features both artists outlining their expensive taste and well-curated lives.

Joey raps: “Sittin’ on your whole year, but it’s really my couch/ Pierre Paulin’s, this the original one/ Cost fifty bands, all in, just to put in my house/ The replica like fifteen, you can check the amount/ If we ain’t talkin’ money, IDK, what we talkin’ about?

The ‘Pierre Paulin’ reference pays homage to the legendary French interior designer.

Check out the visual below.

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - IDK & Joey Bada$$ Pay Homage To Luxurious Living In New 'DENiM' Video

Bada$$ has been delighting fans on and off the mic lately.

Last month, the Brooklyn-born rapper made his return to Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and fans could not believe their eyes after the Flatbush rapper announced his departure earlier in the year.

When Joey Bada$$ reappeared in the Raising Kanan season finale, which premiered on STARZ, fans took to social media to showcase their astonishment.

One user could not help but issue spoilers for the show-stopping finale, posting on X (formerly Twitter): “Lou tried to kill himself. Kanan kills Ronnie. Raw kills Howard. Unique is still alive. Yeah, I spoiled it for you. So what. Raising Kanan is the best of all Power’s, including the original. I said it so you don’t have to.”

With Unique rising above Ronnie’s cold dead body, viewers from home could see Joey Badass standing in his black hoodie, face scarred across his forehead, right eye barely open, staring directly at the camera to signify his surprising return.

Other responses to the 50 Cent-produced finale ranged from elated to speechless, resorting to GIFs as their only form of reaction.

Joey Bada$$ & Serayah Spotted Boo'd Up In Romantic Vacation Photos

Joey Bada$$ & Serayah Spotted Boo’d Up In Romantic Vacation Photos

One fan claimed: “Now That’s How You Do A Season Finale,” while another fan already started looking towards the next chapter: “Kanan killed Ronnie, Raq killed Howard, then Unique pop up from the dead .. Yeah Season 4 about to be something serious!”

On the other hand, a more skeptical fan declared that they knew Joey had been lying from the beginning.

“Listen here I love him n everything but Idc what Joey said,” the commenter wrote. “Until I see a body Unique NOT dead. [shrug emoji] The writers had me thinking Lamar in#BMF was dead too and he wasn’t. Playing w my emotions n shit. Ion trust y’all, fuck that [laughing emoji].”


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