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Jermaine Dupri Gets Fans’ Help For Muni Long Grammys Situation Leave a comment


Jermaine Dupri has said that he can’t seem to figure out why Muni Long hasn’t won a Grammy for “Made for Me,” and his fans gave him a hand in hopes of helping him secure the nomination.

The Atlanta-based music vet took to X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday (March 27), to share news about his protege’s eligibility status.

“So I just got a message stating that the muni long record will not be eligible for next years Grammy awards because it was submitted this year, you know how crazy that is !?,” he wrote. “The the likelihood of me, and Bryan, producing another song of this magnitude might not ever happen again.”

Per Grammy rules, a piece of music must be released between September 16, 2023 through August 30, 2024 to be eligible for the 2025 Grammys. Since “Made For Me” was released on September 25, it would qualify for submission. However, since it had been submitted previously for consideration, the version cannot be submitted again. However, as some fans suggested, a live version, extended version, or remix version would be eligible.

At the beginning of 2024, Jermaine Dupri hinted at a collaboration involving Ari Lennox and Muni Long as both singers share a mutual appreciation for one another.

On January 8, Long shared snippets from a recent Instagram Live streamed by the Dreamville star. In the TikTok video collage captioned “Ya’ll don’t understand how much I love this lady,” she can be seen singing “Made For Me” while talking about how much joy the song brings her.

A few hours later, Jermaine Dupri reshared the post on Twitter and captioned it: “I wanna cry watching this @arilennox [laughing emoji] cause I love you and I love making music that people really fuck with, yo @munilong we might need to put her on the sweat Remix.”

The So So Def boss confirmed to HipHopDX that the remix he is referring to is for the same song Lennox was singing — “sweat,” in this case, is an insider reference between him and Muni Long.

As for Muni Long, she recently revealed that she had once written a song for Rihanna in the time it takes to warm up a baked potato.

In a chat with Complex, which dropped on March 8, the “Made For Me” chanteuse said that it was one of the easiest jobs she’d had — and that she originally thought the tune was going to go to Kelly Clarkson.

Muni Long Takes Aim At Universal Music Group Over TikTok Catalog Removal

Muni Long Takes Aim At Universal Music Group Over TikTok Catalog Removal

“I was in Miami at the time for ‘California King Bed,’ working out of We The Best studio, and I was actually working with Jermaine [Jackson] from The Runners,” she said. “They had the chords and everything. I listened, I went back into the room, and they gave me the file.”

During the studio session, Long revealed, she was actually shopping for furniture online due to an impending move. That’s what inspired the track’s title.

She continued: “I wrote the song in like 10 minutes. I was like, ‘Turn it up, let me get this done real quick,’ so I could go back to looking for my furniture. Originally, they were trying to pitch it to Kelly Clarkson. Then I came back two months later, and my publisher Ryan Press said that they were going to cut it for Rihanna. I was super excited.”


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