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Mero Revisits Split From Desus That Involved Judd Apatow Movie Leave a comment


The Kid Mero has revisited the decision for his split from former co-host Desus Nice — and as it turned out, a Judd Apatow movie that never quite launched was involved.

The comedian has since been co-hosting the 7PM in Brooklyn podcast with Carmelo Anthony, and during an interview with Joe Budden on Thursday (February 15), Mero revealed his side of events as to what happened between himself and his former co-host of Desus & Mero.

“At first I was upset, it’s the business. There’s no friends in the business,” he began. “And we was in a situation where I got four kids, two mortgages…I got real-life situations going on so I’m like, ‘Yo, if we get an offer from DraftKings for 1.5 [million]’ … and you’re like, ‘Nah bro, this ain’t it’… And I’m like … ‘This is going places bro we need to do this.’ And you’re like, ‘Nah.’ I’m like, ‘Fuck outta here.’ To me, that’s like the beginning of this shit is like corroded. We’re on different wavelengths.”

He continued: “The next level of Hollywood is the three of us, Desus, Victor [Lopez, the pair’s former manager], and myself, sitting down with Judd Apatow and saying, ‘Yo, we’re gonna do a movie.’ And then the movie gets written, and Desus was like, ‘I ain’t really feeling this shit.’”

“When I know in the business mind, is like yo when you do a movie with this guy, you’re not just doing a movie with this guy, this dude is a kingmaker in the film industry,” The Kid Mero concluded. “If you get in there, you make a banger with him. You solidified. That’s what takes you up to the next level. If you get a little taste of that Hollywood, get a couple Rollies and shit, you get access to things and you good with that? That’s not the type of time I was on.”

The comments about the split from Desus begin at the 45:40 mark in the clip below:

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonDesus Mero Split

Initially, the Desus and Mero split was thought to be about Victor Lopez, with whom the pair split from back in 2022.

But in July of that same year, The Kid Mero stopped by WFAN radio in New York City and seemed to intimate that the breakup of Desus & Mero happened because of something to do with “Hollywood,” though he didn’t mention Apatow’s alleged role in the split.

Desus & Mero Split Had Been On The Cards For A Year, Says The Kid Mero

Desus & Mero Split Had Been On The Cards For A Year, Says The Kid Mero

“It’s just natural progression,” Mero explained. “It’s like we said on the podcast, ‘It’s Hollywood, baby.’ You develop strengths and things that you want to explore and do. And then things just happen naturally. It’s like Spike Jonze said on the Viceland show, ‘Everything is finite.’ What’s the corny cliche? Don’t be sad that it’s gone. Be happy that you experienced it.”

The Kid Mero also hinted that there was a possibility that the pair could reunite back in 2022, and he echoed that same sentiment on the 7PM in Brooklyn podcast.

“I never say never bro,” he said on the podcast. “I think it’s he’s on another creative pathway now. He’s not on the, ‘Yo. this is where I’m from, this is my voice.’ When you go to the major shit, you gotta acquiesce to that major shit.”


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