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Vince Staples has a long list of ideas about how to enhance the quality of professional basketball in North America, and he’s now elaborated on his vision.

In an episode of Podcast P that went live on Monday (February 12), the 30-year-old MC discussed music, touring, making his own show and more. During the conversation, host Dallas Rutherford asked him about the changes he would make in the NBA were he to take commissioner’s job.

Without much thought, he suggested getting rid of the conferences and the G-League, reducing the number of games and relocating teams from “places don’t nobody want to go,” among other hilarious plans. Most notably, though, the “Norf Norf” hitmaker proposed orchestrating more drama in the league.

“You got to start an active beef with [LeBron James] because he be doing a lot,” he explained. “And then Adam Silver got to come on and be like, ‘Ay bro, stop that shit, LeBron.’ If he just said that in an interview, like he just held a press conference and said, ‘LeBron, stop that shit or we coming for you.’

“Add some wrestling to it — that shit is too political. Yeah man, sit down with Bron and say: ‘Bron, I need a favor, bro, I just need you to like throw a chair, bro. I’m sorry but throw that chair across the court after ya’ll lose, bro, and then just take the jersey off.’”

He continued: “Adam Silver going to be like, ‘ESPN breaking news.’ He going to be on there with Stephen A. Smith early in the morning, like, ‘Hey Bron, you do that shit again, bro, it’s me and you.’”

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During the same chat, Vince talked about Snoop Dogg’s presence in Hip Hop and how the veteran inspired him as someone who also grew up in Long Beach.

At one point in the interview, host Paul George asked him about Tha Doggfather’s influence considering they’re both from the same part of California.

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“I think the best thing about Snoop is that he never felt out of reach,” Staples answered. “He[‘s] never being weird, bro, there’s no other way to put it; he’s just not weird.

“Being a kid, I don’t think I even like realized how big — all him, Warren G — I didn’t realize how big all of them were ’cause you would just see them on a random day amongst their people.”

He added: “As far as I know, especially with us as children, it was always a positive interaction. You learned a lot from that, especially coming from street life.”


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