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New electric scooter to come with a massive XXXXXL seat Leave a comment


A new electric scooter from Ather is boasting what it claims to be an XXXXXL seat, though don’t get too excited for the extra comfort just yet. To experience it, you’ll need to book a ticket to India.

Ather Energy, the company behind several popular scooter models in the world’s largest two-wheeler market of India, shared teaser images on social media showing off the claimed XXXXXL seat.

It’s part of a campaign touting the upcoming Ather Rizta electric scooter, which will be unveiled on April 6th.

The company already claims it will have “the biggest seat on any scooter ever,” which it apparently classifies as an XXXXXL seat. The scooter is also expected to debut with one of the largest storage compartments available on the market.

If you’ve ever visited India, you’ll already know that scooters and motorbikes hold a special place in the country’s bustling streets, weaving through the traffic with an ease that larger vehicles can only envy. While cars are stuck honking in traffic jams, scooters weave their way through.

Their immense popularity in India is due to a combination of their affordability, efficiency, and practicality in navigating such congested urban environments. For many, these two-wheelers are not just modes of transport but lifelines that afford a degree of economic freedom. It’s not uncommon to see an entire family on a single scooter. They’re relatively cheaper to buy and maintain than cars, making them accessible to a larger portion of the population.

Electric scooters are a small but growing slice of the larger motorbike pie in India. Ather was one of the first companies to make a mark in the local electric scooter scene, with several other homegrown electric scooters now competing for that growing slice.

Foreign companies have started moving into the Indian market, bringing more options for electric two-wheelers, but Indian startups remain the largest component of the local electric scooter and motorbike market.

images via: Ather social media

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