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Nick Cannon welcomed Dr. Umar Johnson on the latest installment of his show, during which the two discussed the broader implications of Black men wearing dresses for the purpose of entertainment.

In an episode of Counsel Culture that aired on Monday (March 4), the two sat across from one another and discussed masculinity in the context of their race after the host alluded to wearing women’s clothing in his “younger years.”

“[Professor James Small] said all content has intent,” the controversial activist began. “If we will admit that entertainment is a weapon of indoctrination in an age where we see a war against not only the life of Black men but the survival of Black masculinity, how can a Black man putting on a dress not be a problem?”

Whereas the Wild ‘N Out presenter suggested that even males have a feminine side, his guest established a difference to further illustrate his point.

“I want us to make sure we draw a distinction between feminine energy and female sexuality,” he continued. “For [Black] children, who consume more television per capita than any other ethnic group in America, so the messages you put in those movies are going to hit our children 50-times harder because they’re more dependent on television than anyone else and they’re less likely to have a father at home.”

Listen to the discussion at the 13:31 mark below:

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Nick Cannon Lectured By Dr. Umar For Wearing A Dress In His ‘Younger Years’

Umar has never shied away from calling out the actions of other Black people as he recently had a discussion with Lil Yachty about the use of the N-word, with the two taking opposing stances on the matter.

In late February, the Pan-Africanist joined A Safe Place for a chat and asserted that the word’s widespread usage is a product of low self-worth born from the United States’ ugly history of racism.

Waka Flocka Flame Tells Mos Def He Looks Like A Hater For Rocking 'Dress' Post Drake Diss

Waka Flocka Flame Tells Mos Def He Looks Like A Hater For Rocking ‘Dress’ Post Drake Diss

“Show me another group of people who will fight for the right to continue to use a word that the government itself codified as a psychological word of mass destruction against your people,” he began. “It’s because of your post-traumatic slavery disease.”

Lil Boat, however, expressed a different opinion on the topic, countering: “I was thinking it was a thing of almost just the swag and confidence that African Americans have that look like some, ‘Fuck y’all, we gon’ take the shit y’all use to break us down with and let you know that it don’t have no power over us.”

Dr. Umar recently made headlines when he claimed that calling Eminem one of the greatest rappers of all time was “white supremacy.”


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