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Yo Gotti Gifts His Mom $100K Check During Lavish Christmas Celebration Leave a comment


Yo Gotti has made the holidays extra special for his family this year, with gifts that included multiple Birkin bags for girlfriend Angela Simmons and a $100,000 check for his mother.

In a video posted by the rapper on Instagram, he gave his followers a tour of his lavishly decorated home and a glimpse into his Christmas day gathering with Simmons and his extended family.


The clip included glimpses of diamond jewelry before the camera turned on his girlfriend Angela Simmons. The post also included clips of family with large amounts of cash and his mother with an oversized check for $100,000.

Simmons later posted pictures with her gifts which included three Hermes Birkin bags which are estimated to be worth $400,000.

In the comments under the clip, Gotti was praised for his generosity.

One said: “They way you checked EVERY item off the kids list + double checked to make sure you got it all + more 🙌🏼🙌🏼 best dad!”

Another said: “Any real man doesn’t want nothing for Christmas but to see all them smiles like in this video…well job done.”

Despite his big Christmas spending, Gotti did recently say that he can’t afford to travel on private jets.

“I don’t even fly private,” he admits. “I can’t afford it. I fly first class and I’m keeping my paper. I can’t afford it up here [in my head].”

Yo Gotti, Angela Simmons & E-40 attend The White House Holiday Party

Yo Gotti, Angela Simmons & E-40 attend The White House Holiday Party

He went on to out 42 Dugg as one of his artists that strictly flies private while moving around the country.

“Some of em only fly private,” Gotti says. “I was trying to get one of my artists to do some promo. He’s like, ‘It’s cool, I’m gonna fly private though.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t even fly private.’ … Dugg young and turnt. He only fly private.”

Gotti recently welcomed Dugg home from prison after he was released following 17 months behind bars.

Gotti picked his young charge up from outside the prison along with friends and family, greeted him with a hug and took the Detroit native straight to the studio to work on new music.

Dugg spent over a year in jail after pleading guilty to prison evasion after he fired a weapon at a gun range which he is not allowed to do as a prior felon who has previously faced charges of carjacking and firearm possession.


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